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As your Intuitive Leadership Coach, my role is to help you or your team, tap into the permission and validation needed to truly step into the most aligned and vibrant version of yourself.

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Are you feeling stuck and burned out from a life that doesn't fit anymore and searching for clarity?

Are you a leader who wants to leverage the authentic power of your employees but feels frustrated with your current work culture or team results? 

Do you want to become a more impactful leader but aren't sure where to start? 

You or your team can create sustainable, impactful change by taking advantage of your greatest asset:

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for a change?

Intuitive Leadership Coaching helps individuals, leaders, and organizations learn to lead from within so they can make a bigger impact and achieve the goals that matter most.

Through Intuitive Leadership Coaching, you will gain the guidance, tools, accountability, and permission to leverage your inner wisdom – your intuition - to foster mindset shifts, develop anchor habits, and take the next steps forward with intention + alignment. 

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Caroline c. 

"Lisa played an integral role in my being empowered to make necessary changes in my professional career. She challenged me to seek truth versus assumption and helped me to harness my full potential without limitation. My coaching sessions with Lisa helped give me the confidence I needed to launch my own business, which has already become one of my greatest successes in life. Thank you, Lisa!"

coaching client 

"Lisa's approach to.coaching is full of so much depth and exploration and gave me a level of clarity I didn't know I needed. I highly recommend her for career and general life guidance!"

"Working with Lisa has been one of the most worthwhile investments that I have made for myself personally and professionally. The process that Lisa supported me through was eye-opening as she invited me to see things through a different lens which led to understanding and most importantly, acceptance. Through my work with her I became confident in being more visible and embracing the important part that I play in this world. I live bigger, I love deeper and I am free."

joanna b. 

Emily K. 
United States
Marine Corps

"Lisa is poised, articulate and introduces new ideas to her client with grace and ease. She has the ability to breakdown the most complex concepts to a level of task that is achievable and digestible and never overwhelms. Every single interchange I leave feeling more aligned with my purpose, path and a broad understanding that all life events are happening ‘for me’ versus ‘to me’. "

I know how it feels to be stuck - in a role that doesn’t feel like you anymore, a job that isn’t fulfilling, in family obligations that can make you feel like you are constantly pouring from an empty cup. It’s a journey I’ve walked and I know how frustrating it is to know you need to find a way to change but you aren’t sure where to start. 

After working with and leading organizational teams for 20+ years, I've dedicated my life's work to helping others connect with their purpose to unleash their potential. As an ICF certified coach, leadership consultant, certified DISC Facilitator, and creator of the Chasing Aces Mindset and host of the Chasing Her Ace podcast {coming soon}, it's my passion to help individuals, leaders and organizations learn to lead from within so they can create a bigger impact and achieve the goals that matter most.

It’s overwhelming to wake up and realize you can’t remember the last time you felt alive. So many of us move at such a fast pace, we unintentionally start to cope by numbing our feelings and focusing on action rather than intuition.

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