Intuitive leadership coaching for executives,
team leads, and emerging talent 

leading from within

Organizational Transformation Starts By

In this fast-moving world full of distractions, disruptions, challenges, and overwhelm, how often do you have the opportunity to pause, deepen your level of self-awareness, leverage your intuition and lead forward with intention? 

Lead with
Impact + Influence 

High Impact Leadership Project 

Intuitive Leadership Coaching 

Putting out daily fires results in burnout, disengagement, haphazard strategy, and a lackluster team culture. I can help interrupt the autopilot pattern you may be stuck in.

stop reacting to the overwhelm 

You deserve to pause:
reflect, reset, reform.
You deserve to lead with intuition + intention.

- a.t., coaching client 

- a.t., coaching client 

"Lisa's approach to.coaching is full of so much depth and exploration and gave me a level of clarity I didn't know I needed. I highly recommend her for career and general life guidance!."

- Flavius T. 

"Valuable and applicable for any business setting. Something you don't learn in school."

- M.K., coaching client 

"Lisa is so relatable and uses her broad span of experience alongside her respect for my personal growth to steer and guide. I continue to see expansion and know that after every session I’ll move to into another dimension in my business, growth and leadership!"

Evaluate + Grow


Coaching + Personal Work


Assessment + Plan 


here's how we'll do it:

How could Your Career and Organization Change? 

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