Storytelling and Training for

● My personal story of resilience and tapping into my intuition as a comeback strategy 

● Mindset shifts to quiet fears and unleash potential 

● The power of leading with authenticity and intuition. 

keynote topics

Your attendees deserve an amazing experience 

Counteracting Unconscious Biases 

Chasing Aces Mindset 

Improving awareness, understanding, and communication with DiSC 

Unleash Your Leader Within

Change Cycle 

Moving forward in alignment 

Creating Balance: Personal/Leadership Sustainability

Design Thinking 

Leadership Agility

I facilitate workshops on a variety of leadership and personal development topics, strategic conversations among groups, focus groups, and idea-generating/design thinking sessions. 

workshop topics

I know as a conference planner, there are a lot of details to manage which is why I always ensure working with me is the easiest part of your job. 

I've led more than 400 sessions during my professional career - both in-person and virtually and have given presentations to audiences as large as 1,000. Each year I facilitate more than 30 workshops for businesses, non-profits and universities which allows me to provide you tried and true content that will inspire, motivate, and propel your audience. 

It's easy to work with me

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