You have the power within to lead,
to guide yourself,
to trust yourself,
to create the life of your dreams. 

your story


Waking up day after day and feeling like you've lost your spark or have been running in place without accomplishing anything can be soul-tiring. At some point in our lives, whether we're at home with kids or trying to climb corporate ladders, we can start to feel inferior, unsuccessful, and constantly looking for external validation. 

And, even if we haven't admitted it yet, those feelings can make us feel like the victim in our story, rather than the heroine. 

Do you feel stuck and
unsure how to move forward? 

"I believe we are always leading - whether it’s ourselves, our families, or our colleagues at work or in the community. Having the permission and validation to step into our worth is one of the most powerful, life-changing things we can do for ourselves and the people around us."  

I've been where you are right now - in a place that felt dim and unaligned with my vision of what I wanted. I felt pressure, a lack of confidence, and a whole lot of uncertainty. I've been motionless yet moving through the motions. Distracted by the musts and shoulds, I lost sight on what mattered most to me. I know it can be exhausting and defeating.

And, I know that joy will emerge, softness will be offered, and a sense of ease will resume. I'm here to help.  As your intuitive coach, my purpose is to help you connect back to your intuitive superpower so you can align with your truest self and what matters most. 

dear friend,

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Joanna B.

"Working with Lisa has been one of the most worthwhile investments that I have made for myself personally and professionally. The process that Lisa supported me through was eye-opening as she invited me to see things through a different lens which led to understanding and most importantly, acceptance. Through my work with her I became confident in being more visible and embracing the important part that I play in this world. I live bigger, I love deeper and I am free."

stephanie smith

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Coaching and consulting for women who are ready to live the life they've always dreamed about. 

Chasing Her Ace - A podcast for women who are leading with intuition to chase the goals that matter most.

you deserve more

Don't stay stuck in old patterns...

You are worthy and deserving of all you desire and I truly believe you are meant to experience true transformation. But those seemingly magical moments come through getting messy and taking action which can be hard. I’ve been there. I’m here to guide you through the mess to the other side.

Empathetic Guidance

Your dreams, vision and challenges can be vulnerable to share which is why I promise my clients integrity when they work with me. As a coach, I’m both a safe place to land during our time together and an encourager to help you come home to yourself.  

Confidential and Safe

Your journey is unique and your coaching process should be customized to reflect what you need. I help my clients by using my gifts of intuitive wisdom and a proven formula of action to get you the clarity and confidence you deserve. 

Authentic Connection

my promise to you:

The world Needs You To Come Alive 

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