Immersion and day sessions for organizations who want to empower and unify their teams. 

your team

Unite and empower

I believe strengthening teams first requires understanding and activating individuals. 

- Flavius T. 

"Valuable and applicable for any business setting. Something you don't learn in school."

Are you a leader who wants to leverage the authentic power of your employees but feels frustrated with your current work culture or team results? 

Have you invested in team training but have found that the content is quickly forgotten and change isn’t lasting? 

Does your team get stuck focusing on the barriers instead of the solutions? 

Does ineffective communication hinder team alignment + outcomes? 

Is your team at risk for burnout?

Increase productivity, engagement, and alignment for your team

emotional intelligence.

The difference-maker, the thing that catapults us from good-to- great, is our devotion to strengthening our

We can succeed in our roles as parents, leaders, team members, and entrepreneurs only so far with just our technical abilities. 

Individual coaching for leaders and/or team members can be incorporated into any package to give you the ability to harness or leverage the potential of your teams to
foster lasting change. 

Team Culture Immersion 


Half or Full Day Sessions


Heal, align and strengthen your teams by leveraging the authenticity and intuition of each team member. Each organization is unique which is why I believe that a prescriptive ‘boxed’ solution isn’t the answer. 

your workplace

- Lisa P. 

"Lisa Williams is a speaker that everyone can relate to. She's bright and well-versed in her areas of expertise and she knows how to share her knowledge in a down-to-earth way that resonates with everyone. Everyone left the session a better person because of Lisa."

Preventing burnout by working in sustainable ways

Holistic perspective goal-setting - encouraging balance in all areas of life 

Improving awareness, understanding, and communication with DiSC 

Vision, Goal, Strategy Alignment

Navigating the cycle of change 

Innovating solutions with a user-perspective 

Counteracting unconscious biases

Team Development Topics 

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