Intuitive Leadership Coach
and Consultant 

I'm Lisa 

hi there

I believe when we lose touch with our values,
we fall into traps of comparison that lead us
to question our worthiness and abilities. 

I believe strengthening teams requires
understanding and activating individuals first. 

I believe leading from within
 - leading from your intuition - connects you
to your meaning, purpose and best self. 


I believe everyone is worthy and deserving of all they

our values and purpose

When this alignment happens, the hard stuff seems easier, our work is more impactful, and we’re happier, healthier, more productive, and better balanced.

What fuels our motivation and drives is our commitment to looking inward, awakening our intuition, and connecting with

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 {a bit about me}

Let's Get Personal

You are worthy and deserving of all you desire and I truly believe you are meant to experience true transformation. But those seemingly magical moments come through getting messy and taking action which can be hard. I’ve been there. I’m here to guide you through the mess to the other side.

Empathetic Guidance

Your dreams, vision and challenges can be vulnerable to share which is why I promise my clients integrity when they work with me. As a coach, I’m both a safe place to land during our time together and an encourager to help you come home to yourself.  

Confidential and Safe

 Everyone is on a unique path so your coaching process should be customized to reflect what you need. I help my clients by using my gifts of intuitive wisdom and a proven formula of action to get you the clarity and confidence you deserve. 

Authentic Connection

I believe we are always leading ourselves and others but when we learn to tap into our intuition and trust ourselves enough to step into our power as individuals and in our organizations.  

Leading with Intuition

my promise to you:

The World Needs You To Come Alive 

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